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Importance of Sizing

Sizing is crucial when wearing a HAVA sling. When I purchased my first sling, I bought a size too large, thinking that it would be nice to share it with my husband. With our second child, and the right information, I purchased my correct size. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. With my baby higher up on chest, snug against me, I was able to be hands-free, and so much more comfortable!

To check to see if you are wearing the correct size sling, put your sling on with the tail pulled through the rings until the label is just below the rings. Ensure that the lightweight contoured shoulder pad is on your shoulder cap, rather than on top of your shoulder. Check to see where the lower rail touches your body. The correct size will hit close to your waist. If it is closer to your hip, the sling is too long. If it comes up under your arm, the sling is too small. Reference the HAVA size chart to determine your size.