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We fell in love... - by Erin
with our first 3 children, we did not "wear" them as babies. when I found out I was pregnant with baby #4 I was thrilled at the opportunity to be able to use a sling with her. the HAVA sling is the perfect sling for a newbie. it is so easy to use - and the most essential item in my diaper bag. next to cloth diapers of course! I couldn't have imagined entering a store without it - the easiest and fastest way to soothe and comfort a baby. after babywearing for over a year and a half (she is almost two and is over 35lbs now!) I can definitely tell a difference in our bond, the way we interact with one another - and in the way she loves and cares for her "babies".

Awesome - by Lorena
This sling is awesome! Before becoming a mom I always dreamed of using slings, breastfeeding and cloth diapering. After doing much research on all these Subject I came across Nurtured Family, our local store. After trying other brands of slings and taking baby wearing class at Nurtured Family, I was sold on Hava. My daughter and I love it! The only thing I didn't master was nursing with the sling in public because my baby is too nosey and want to see and hear everything while nursing, I know lol. She loves conversation.

Hava is the BEST baby carrier ever!! - by LK
I've tried all styles of carriers, and HAVA is my definite favorite. It's easy to adjust, really comfortable, and a breastfeeding momma's most necessary baby item! So nice to nurse no matter where I am - discreetly. A lot of ring slings aren't comfortable, but HAVA is, with it's nicely pleated shoulder.

Loved it! - by Verneta
The sling came VERY quickly! My great niece loves having it for her new baby and my daughter-in-law showed her how to use it and she is thoroughly enjoying having it. Several others from church have also ordered the sling and love theirs as well! Thank you!

Love it - by Mandy
I love this sling! It works for everything, and for both my newborn and 18 month old. They also were very friendly about fitting me with the right size.

So glad I discovered this sling! - by Kit
I'm so glad I inquired about this sling. I thought it looked cute and tried it on and then I had to have it! This sling has changed outings with my baby and made things so much easier getting out with her. She loves to be close to me in the sling and I've finally learned to nurse her in it. Definitely watch the video, it helps.

Made traveling sooo much easier - by A.
We bought this sling when my son was 3 months old, and boy, I wish I had had it much earlier. It is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it, and nursing in it eliminates the need for an additional nursing cover for those who like to cover up. My son slept in this through a wedding and reception!

My most essential baby item. - by Mira
I panic when I accidentally leave my Hava sling behind. I thought I was an exclusive baby wrap wearer; but I like the ease of the HAVA. I can quickly put my daughter in and take her out. I really like how adjustable the sling is. And I like that I can easily nurse in it and still be relatively hands free. My daughter is 11 months and we still use this daily.

oh how i love HAVA - by Ashley
I love everything about this sling! i recommend it to anyone...its so easy to get on and off and its great when you are shopping! you can use BOTH hands while using the HAVA. its very comfortable and distributes the weight more than you think it would. it feels so great when your baby is up close to you , snuggled in a HAVA and your arm doesn't fell like it will break any moment!

I love having both hands free - by Liz
I got this sling for a special event. Baby was accompanying us to a three day convention where I was definitely going to need to keep her close but still have my hands free. It worked out beautifully. It is my go-to sling whenever we are out and about and when she is needing to be close to Mommy at home. People comment on how happy she looks in it all the time!

Speechless <3 - by Luna
My hava ring sling is my absolute favorite baby gear I have! I do not have to lug around an infant seat or stroller! I can take my baby with me everywhere and the zipper pocket is awesome! I keep my cell, wallet and his pacifier. When ever he is fussy I just slip him in and he instantly falls asleep, or he relaxes and mommy can do chores, homework or anything else! It was a bit tricky at first but thanks to the DVD it came with it has become second nature. The ring sling really is adjustable, and I have tried many types of carriers. It is so helpful, and really cute, I have gotten complements all the time! I love my Hava ring sling and my Baby Uri Akira does as well!

I love this sling! - by MommaSpell
I love the HAVA Baby Sling. It is my top choice when carrying my little ones at any age. It has the perfect amount of padding in the shoulder area as well as the rails and it fully spreads out across my back which allow me to comfortably wear my babies for an extended period of time. Thanks for such a great and useful product! It has become the gift I give to new moms!

The Best Ring Sling with a Pocket - by Kallie
I have used several slings but the HAVA is my favorite. I needed the zipper pocket so the HAVA was always my 1st choice (the most comfortable)! Like one poster stated, I also would be in a panic without my Ring sling, if I was out and about. With help from Rebecca, I learned how to carry my son and how to breastfeed almost anywhere and most of the time no one even knew. I received lots of compliments on the HAVA for style and functionality. I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend (and have done so).

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