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Compare HAVA to Other Carrier Designs

Out and About with a HAVA Baby SlingConfused by all of the baby carriers out there? See how the HAVA baby sling compares to ring slings in general, pouches, wraps, and soft structured carriers (including mei tais).

Ring Slings (in general)

Many have written ring slings off as an option due to their poor design - and rightly so. However, HAVA was designed to marry the best parts of all sling designs into one, resulting in a baby carrier that exceeds the comfort and usability offered by others. Most ring slings on the market are designed in such a way that the fabric at the shoulder and back runs too narrow, or is sewn without pleats, so that it cannot spread out generously across the back for weight distribution. HAVA is designed to spread wide, with pleats, for maximum comfort. Another issue with many slings is a poorly designed padded sling for the mass market. Most padded slings are one-size-fits-all. To pull this off, manufacturers either make the slings extra-large, which results in unsafe, uncomfortable babywearing for petite or average sized adults. Babies should be worn at or above the waist - high, visible and kissable. When babies are worn hanging low in a sling, they are unsafe, and parents experience discomfort. Some one-size-fits-all padded slings are designed to have elasticized rails. This causes many issues when it comes to wearing the baby correctly in the sling. The rails stay close to the parent due to elastic, but baby is able to fall into the hammock. HAVA features five sizes (and no elastic!), so that adjustability and usability are not compromised.

    Open Tail Slings

    Preferring a sling with an open tail is often based on visual appeal. However, when it comes to usability, an open tail can cause great frustration. With an open tail sling, the fabric of the tail needs to be threaded through the rings 'just-so' and maintained to prevent the sling from locking up. Many a parent has expressed delight with the ease in which HAVA's tail stays neat and easy to adjust. Because of HAVA's design, the fabric above the label splits into a V. By pulling on the fabric on one side of the V, the top rail is adjusted independently. By pulling on the other side, only the bottom rail is adjusted. This smart design makes adjusting HAVA smooth and easy, for beginners and pro's alike.

    Unpadded Slings

    Padding is a personal preference, but we find that many who choose unpadded believe that padded slings do not offer adjustability, or are hot and bulky. While this can be true of some padded slings, HAVA is sleek, compact and highly adjustable. Light padding at the shoulder and through the rails serve several purposes. At the shoulder, padding provides comfort for the adult as baby gains weight. Through the rails, padding provides extra support for comfortable long-term wearing for the adult. In addition, the padding through the rails provides soft support behind a newborn's head, and protects baby's legs from red marks from taut fabric. The relief on our customer's faces when they switch from an unpadded sling to a HAVA says it all!

Pouches (no rings)

Pouches offer simplicity, but many compromises as well. Due to the lack of adjustability, the basic position that most infants prefer cannot be achieved properly. Unless an infant is cradled and nursing, most babies prefer to be vertical against the parent's chest. With HAVA, the top rail can be adjusted snugly to support baby's head. Pouches lack adjustability, meaning that parents need to 'keep a hand on' and are not hands-free. Also, because baby hangs away from the parent, if even a few inches away, the parent experiences back pain. Many struggle with breastfeeding in a pouch because it cannot be adjusted to be loose enough to have room to place baby in a comfortable position and obtain a successful latch. HAVA's easy adjustability means you can breastfeed in the sling, wear a newborn safe and snug against your chest, and experience wonderful weight distribution across your back.


Wraps offer the same wonderful variety of positions that ring slings like HAVA offer, but with a higher learning curve. Many prefer the 'pop-ability' of a sling, which refers to the ease of placing baby in the sling, and taking baby out. Due to a lack of structure or padding, it is crucial for wraps to offer plenty of fabric for weight distribution, which should be considered based on climate. Some say that they enjoy having a wrap and an excellent ring sling, like HAVA, especially with an infant. Most who have made the switch from less-comfortable ring slings to HAVA find that the comfort that HAVA provides meets or exceeds what they experience with a wrap, due to the pleated fabric which spreads generously across the back for weight distribution.

Soft structured carriers & Mei Tais

Soft structured carriers that place baby in a froggy-style sitting position are safe options when compared against those that hang baby vertically at their crotch. Even with safe soft structured carriers, however, there are limitations to consider. Breastfeeding in a soft structured carrier can be challenging, without the fluid adjustability that a ring sling like HAVA offers. Variety of positions in a soft structured carrier is limited, usually to three possibilities. When using a baby carrier as a breastfeeding tool, most find that a high quality ring sling like HAVA is ideal due to the adjustability offered. When it comes to comfort, soft structured carriers often exceed what most ring slings offer - referring to the fact that most ring slings run too narrow at the shoulder, or do not pleat at the shoulder for weight distribution. However, the feedback on HAVA is that the comfort meets or exceeds that of soft structured carriers, due to HAVA's exceptional design.